Sat, Dec. 21: 9am-5pm /Sun, Dec. 22: 11am-3pm SALE: 20% off select gift shop items

Why Go Real? Why Go Green? Why Go to Whitetail Tree Farm?

Good for the Environment!

With nearly 19,000 acres of trees planted in New York State, local farmers, many of which are family owned, produce nearly 19 million Christmas trees. Each acre of real Christmas trees consumes about 500 pounds of oxygen while at the same time PRODUCES 1000 pounds of oxygen annually!  That is the amount that 18 people need to breathe in a year!

Tree Fields offer an excellent habitat for wildlife!


Real Christmas trees can be recycled - used for fuel, mulch, composting.


Artificial Trees last for CENTURIES in our landfills!


Support a local farmer!




Helps remove dust from the air and provides rich oxygen to the environment!


Memories are Made of This!

Grab your hat and gloves and we'll provide the hot cocoa and snacks to make it fun! Memories of a short hike to our tree field, with the warm glow of our Christmas display behind you, will begin your tradition. You can meander freely through our fields, perhaps catching a glimpse of our namesake, the Whitetail deer, and then choose your very own Christmas tree. After cutting it down, we will help you transport it back to your car if you would like. You can return to the Whitetail Gift Shop when you are ready and enjoy browsing our cozy store for Christmas décor, gifts or treats. You'll find both traditional and unique items available.


Exceptional Skeval Family Service!!!

The Skeval family -- from the oldest to the youngest -- are all part of our Christmas Tree and Maple Farm. We are excited for you to visit our farm, experience our amazing service and enjoy our trees and deliciously sweet maple products!