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The Process - Tree to Table

Down in our sugarbush we tap 200 to 300 maple trees and zigzag over 2000 feet of lines to our sap collection tank. Once harvested we deliver the sap up through the tree fields to the Whitetail Sugar House.  There, through a process called Reverse Osmosis (RO), we begin reducing the water content in the sap getting it one step closer to the deliciously sweet syrup you enjoy on your pancakes.  Next, this sap is further concentrated by entering and spending time in our new  Evaporator.  There, a high concentration of the remaining water is removed until our syrup is ready for your bottle - - SWEET & RICH IN FLAVOR!


Sap has little sugar

Often times someone tasting sap directly from a maple tree in the sugarbush is quite surprised. It tastes nothing like the sweet and delicious syrup we all love.  Sap directly out of a tree is only between 1.5-2% sugar.  However, once it progresses through the Reverse Osmosis system, the sugar content climbs to 5-12%. As the sap leaves the Reverse Osmosis it enters the Evaporator where it is boiled until the sugar content reaches 67% - the magic number for sap to officially become Syrup.  Now is the time to taste test and you will be in for a savory treat!


Maple Products

Take home a sweet treat! Besides maple syrup, we also feature maple cream, maple nuts, and maple sugar shapes.

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