Christmas Trees

From table top to 9' trees to choose from. 

Blue Spruce: $32

Firs: $42

Included FREE With Every Trip To Our Farm!

  • Hot Cocoa
  • Freshly made popcorn
  • Children's craft
  • ISPY game with prizes for children
  • Tree Baling and Drilling
  • Tree transport assistance from field
  • Saws available

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Christmas Trees

Balsam Fir

Excellent needle retention. Soft short needles, sturdy branches. Lovely Christmas tree scent to fill your room.

Blue Spruce

Good needle retention Beautiful blue hue.  Short needles.

Stiff branches (good for heavy ornaments)

Canaan Fir

Outstanding needle retention.  Pleasant evergreen aroma for your home. Short soft needles. Branches thick and sturdy.

Concolor Fir

Excellent needle retention. Bluish/green needles. Great citrus scent. Medium length needles.

Frasier Fir

Outstanding needle retention. Short and soft needles. Sturdy upturned branches. Blue/green needles.


We have a lovely selection of firs of various sizes and prices. Select the one that is best for you and we will "wrap" it up for you!

Whitetail Gift Shop

Home Decor, Gift Baskets, Ornaments

We offer a variety of live greenery accents for your home, farm or workplace. Wreaths, table runners, unique green décor and gift baskets. We also sell a variety of maple products including maple syrup, maple cream and maple nuts. 


Our wreath selection provides a large assortment of styles and variety with numerous sizes and shapes to choose from! Whether you are trimming your home's front entryway, decorating a large barn door, or looking for a seasonal and festive table runner, we'll have just the right accent for you!  We offer traditional, themed and even custom wreaths for you to shop from:

  • teacher
  • ornaments
  • hunter
  • glitz and glamour
  • Santa
  • silver and gold
  • snowmen
  • angels
  • deer/wildlife
  • many more...let us know what you'd like and we'll try to make it!
  • even choose your own bow & ribbon colors!

Gift Baskets

Selection of unique gift baskets which include our homemade maple syrup and maple products.

Be sure to stop back in March to for our festive Maple Open House and you can watch the process from tap to bottle.

Remember to come back for a sweet visit in March for our Maple Weekends!