Sat, Dec. 21: 9am-5pm /Sun, Dec. 22: 11am-3pm SALE: 20% off select gift shop items

Brian & Sandra Skeval Welcome You!


Our Beginnings...

Farming came naturally to Brian who grew up working on a dairy farm. For many years he and Sandra discussed starting a farming business of their own that could incoroporate their large family. After a lot of research, a Christmas Tree and Maple Farm seemed to be a good fit. 

They purchased 75 acres of land in Fabius, NY. In 2007 they cleared an old corn field and planted 1500 fir trees. They continued to hand plant between 1000-2000 trees per year until 2015 when they moved into their second field and purchased a pull behind mechanical tree planter. 


Christmas tree farming is a long term proposition as it takes approximately 8-10 years for a tree to be ready to harvest.  Looking ahead to their grand opening in 2016, they decided to build a barn to house their gift shop.  Over the course of 10 months Brian harvested 8 of their standing hemlock trees, milled them into boards, and built the structure.  He has since used reclaimed barn wood to finish the interior and install lighting. 

In 2017, they installed the new evaporator to expand their production of maple syrup.  This allows them to sell their maple syrup and other maple products at Christmas time and throughout the year. 


The Skevel Family...

All of this work requires many hands, so not only does wife Sandra help out but so do their five amazing children. When you come during the Christmas season you will find their oldest son and daughter helping you out in the field and their second oldest son and daughter helping you in the gift shop.  Their youngest son, well, he is everywhere. 

They look forward to you coming and enjoying the selection of 15,000 trees amidst a very picturesque winter backdrop.